About KSB

The KNUST School of Business (KSB) is a top ranking business school in Ghana - for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. KSB serves more than 1,300 undergraduate students and over 2,400 postgraduate students. Given the popularity of our business programmes, demand for KSB business education is significant and growing and as a result admission to KSB is quite competitive. Our graduates leave the boundaries of KSB with valuable employable skills and alumni of KSB have become leaders in various organizations influencing the economic vitality of the nation.

In 2011, we moved into our new building on KNUST campus behind the engineering faculty labs and this opened doors to greater collaboration among student teams, faculty and our stakeholders. Our state-of-the art auditorium seats over 1200 and has become a popular venue for campus events. Because we are a burgeoning school, we plan putting up another state-of-the art building to serve as a graduate centre. This new building will reflect the school’s academic vision of becoming a premier location for postgraduate business education.

KSB offers market-driven, value-laden programmes aimed at producing graduates with entrepreneurial, creative, and innovative leadership competencies to drive sustainable corporate success. At KSB we develop students who are expected to become leaders in their generation - leaders who are drivers of corporate and national development.

Over the years, KSB has established itself as a leader in business and management education and has built an international reputation based on educational programmes designed to develop insightful, principled global leaders. Since its creation in 2005, the School has continued to innovate its curriculum and to build a faculty known for its cutting-edge research.




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