Our Consulting Service

Innovative Ideas, Practical Solutions

KSB is one of the most innovative business schools in Africa. As part of our mandate, we strive to positively influence society and the communities in our environs. KSB has over the years partnered with businesses and organizations in the Ashanti Region and the country to bring tailored solutions and offered practical insight that has been of immense benefit to these organizations.

After almost ten years of working intimately with select SME’s and other larger corporations, KSB is now reaching out with its consulting service to the wider business community.

Why work with us?

At KSB, we apply our innovative thinking and research abilities to the challenges facing today’s businesses. We deliver practical solutions that affect your bottom line (costs and profits) and in our quest to provide real benefits to your organization or business we leave no stone unturned.

We will work hand-in-hand with you to provide a custom tailored solution that suits your unique circumstances. Our greatest assets are our Human Resource and irrespective of what your challenge is we have experts who will work as a team to propose your tailored business solution. Our academic research team will help to identify your business problem, then research and recommend a solution. Based on your unique needs we can also help to implement the solution.

In short, if you have a challenge, we are more than ready to help you solve it. All consultancy projects are bespoke and designed to meet the exact needs of your organization.

Our consulting service and research with you can lead to several interesting outcomes that will place you in a position to establish and solidify your competitive positioning.

What can we offer?

  • The resources of one of Africa’s best business schools
  • A large pool of highly qualified academics with a wealth of industry and project management expertise
  • Executive education and custom tailored training programmes
  • Specialized seminars specific to various industries
  • A dedicated consultancy team for your assignment
  • Easy access to us through our consulting unit at the KSB Business School for walk-in appointments and an experienced Consultancy Manager who will work with you from initial enquiry through to project completion ensuring that your project is delivered to the highest levels of quality, on time, on budget and to your specifications.

We provide advice and consulting services at operational, strategic and policy levels across a broad range of business disciplines including:

  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Analytics
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Import and Export
  • Operations Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Corporate Strategy and International Business
  • Human Resource Management and Organizational Development
  • Innovation Management and Policy
  • Creativity Management and Leadership
  • Information Systems Strategy
  • Information Technology

We also consult for government organizations, non-governmental organizations and international organizations.

We strive for thought leadership in all we do in attempt at maintaining a leadership position and an ability to give businesses and organizations new and exciting ideas. We adopt practical approaches aimed at conveying ideas that can be understood by our clients and stakeholders.

Our reputation and insight into industry is built by our world-class academics and practitioners who have consulted for both private and public sector organizations.

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