Gideon Boako

  • Lecturer

  • Ph.D. (University of Witwatersrand), MPhil, MBA, BSc (KNUST), Ch.FE (AAFM-USA)
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  • Full-Time

Dr. Gideon Boako’s Ph.D. thesis redefined the transmission of systemic risk to emerging markets, particularly Africa by postulating the “delayed-shift contagion theory – thus, increases in cross-market extreme (downside) spillover effects after a shock is considered eased.

Dr. Boako is a financial economist and the Director of Training of the research and policy think tank, the African Finance and Economics Consult (AFEC) in Johannesburg. Currently he is a Lecturer in finance at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana where he teaches Financial Econometrics, Financial Risk Management, and Banking Regulation. He has also garnered a number of years of teaching experience at the University of the Witwatersrand and Garden City University College. In 2016, Gideon was selected among top 18 qualified Economics/Finance young scholars in Africa for the African Institute of Financial Markets and Risk Management Ph.D. Summer School held at University of Cape Town. Gideon has won several research grants/awards/scholarships including the University of Witwatersrand Ph.D. Merit Award, South African National Research Foundation (NRF) Competitive Programme for Rated Researchers (CPRC) Bursary Award, Government of Ghana Scholarship, etc. Currently, he is the principal consultant for a study on the“Interactive effects of informality and credit access on economic growth and poverty in Ghana” – Funded by the Freidel Sellschop Foundation.

Dr. Gideon Boako has over three years’ experience in the application of applied economic/financial and economic modeling to forecasting, policy analysis, and policy evaluation for government and private sector organization. His project experience includes the following fields: trade finance, application of financial derivative instruments (e.g. hedging, futures, etc.), terms of trade and exchange rate pass through, project finance, commodity financialization, private equity investments in energy infrastructure, risk modeling, development finance and alternative financing modes, macroeconomic shocks and social safety net interventions, capital market development and training in applied economics analysis and interpretation. His most recent clients include the, Economic Research Southern Africa/Treasury Department of South Africa, Economic Society of South Africa, Center for African Philanthropy Studies and International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR).

On the research front, Gideon is a rising star. Bearing in mind his academic carrier is just beginning, he has published in leading international ISI, ABS, and IBSS top-tier peer-reviewed  journals such as the International Review of Financial Analysis (3-satr), Finance Research Letters (2-star), Physica A: Statistical Mechanics & Its Applications (2-star), Applied Economics Letters (1-star), South African Journal of Economics (1-star), etc., and has a number of articles under review in very top tier journals. He also has a book chapter in Palgrave McMillan collections, and two working Papers with the Economic Research Southern Africa. Apart from being editor of the Ghanaian Journal of Economics and associate editor of the African Review of Economics and Finance journal, Gideon also performs several review assignments for journals such as Economic Modeling, Physica A, International Journal of Emerging Markets, African Journal of Economic and Management Studies, etc. 

Gideon received his doctoral degree in the field of Finance from the University of Witwatersrand Business School (WBS) in Johannesburg where he served as Graduate Teaching Assistant in Applied Financial Econometrics, International and Development Finance, Real Estate Corporate Finance, and Principles of Finance with Excel. He holds two masters degrees in Finance (M.Phil. and MBA) from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). Additionally, Gideon is a Charter Holder in Financial Economics (Ch.FE) and a Fellow from the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM), and holds two certificates in Financial Engineering & Risk Management, and Financial Markets from Columbia University (New York-USA) and Yale University (USA), respectively. He is a member of the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR), American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM), and the Economic Society of South Africa (ESSA).

Gideon enjoys a number of extra-curricular activities, notably, hang-outs, socio-political discussions, and exploring the frontiers of human consciousness. 

  List of Publications:

  • Boako, G., Alagidede, P., (2017). Co-movement of Africa’s equity markets: Regional and global analysis in the frequency-time domains. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 468: 359-380.
  • Boako, G., Omane-Adjepong, M., Frimpong, J.M., (2016). Stock returns and exchange rate nexus in Ghana: a Bayesian quantile regression approach. South African Journal of Economics, 84 (1): 149-179.
  • Boako, G., Alagidede, P., (2016). Global commodities and African stocks: A “market of one”? International Review of Financial Analysis, 44: 226-237.
  • Boako, G., Alagidede, P., (2016). African stock markets convergence: regional and global analysis. Finance Research Letters 18: 317-321.
  • Omane-Adjepong, M., Boako, G., (2017). Long-range dependence in returns and volatility of global gold market amid financial crises. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 472: 1-15
  • Boako, G., Alagidede, P., (2017).  Should Africa’s emerging markets still be considered as a separate asset class? Applied Economics Letters, 24(1): 61-66.
  • Boako, G., Acheampong, I.A., Muazu, I., (2017). Determinants of bank credit in Ghana: a Bounds-testing cointegration approach. African Review of Economics and Finance (forthcoming).
    • Zuziwe, N., Boako, G., Alagidede, P. The impact of sovereign credit risk on corporate credit ratings in South Africa. African Journal of Economic and Management Studies; (forthcoming)
    • Boako, G., Acheampong, I.A., Domeher, D., Frimpong, J.M., (2015). Economic forces and equity returns in Ghana: Symmetric dependence with quantile regression. Ghanaian Journal of Economics, pp.86-108.


 Papers in Progress/Under Review

  • Timbe, R., Boako, G., Alagidede, P. Private equity investment in the renewable energy independent power projects in Africa. International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection.
  • Boako, G., Alagidede, P. African equities, global factors and cross-market nexus: Implications for diversification and risk reduction. Investment Analysts Journal.
  • Ng’ambi, M., Boako, G., Alagidede, P. Effect of exchange rate volatility on capital flows in South Africa. South African Journal of Economics and Management Sciences.
  • Philani S., Boako, G., Alagidede, P. Price leadership in the South African foreign-exchange market: An empirical analysis. International Journal of Emerging Markets.
  • Machobani, D., Boako, G., Alagidede, P. Testing for the uncovered interest parity, PPP, and Fisher effect hypothesis in South Africa. Frontiers in Finance and Economics.
  • Boako, G., Alagidede P. Currency price risk and stock markets in Africa: Dependence and downside spillover effects with stochastic copulas. Emerging Markets Review.
  • Boako, G., Alagidede P. Examining evidence of ‘shift-contagion’ in African stock markets: A CoVaR-copula approach. Review of Development Finance.
  • Boako, G., Alagidede P. Downside and upside price movements across financial markets: A CoVaR-Copula approach. Journal of International Money and Finance.
  • Boako, G., Alagidede, P. African stock markets in the midst of the global financial crisis: Recoupling or decoupling? Empirical Economics.
  • Omane-Adjepong, M., Boako, G. Examining speculative evidence in the foreign exchange market in Ghana: A semi-parametric long-memory approach. Journal of Applied Statistics.
  • Mensah, J.O.D., Boako, G., Alagidede, P. Commodity price volatility and exchange rates: Spillover effects with copula-quantiles. Applied Economics Letters.
  • Melusi, M., Boako, G., Alagidede. The relationship between oil prices and the South African Rand/US Dollar exchange rate. Frontiers in Finance and Economics.


 Working Paper Publications

  • Boako, G., Alagidede, P., (2016). Regionalization versus internationalization of African stock markets: A frequency-time domain analysis. Economic Research Southern Africa Working Paper 642: 1-41.
  • Boako, G., Alagidede, P., (2015). Global commodities and African stocks: Insights for hedging and diversification strategies. Economic Research Southern Africa Working Paper 569: 1-30.



 Book Chapter

  • Boako, G., Alagidede, P. The stock market development and economic growth puzzle: Empirical evidence from Africa. Palgrave McMillan. Chapter 8 of the book titled “Development Finance: Opportunities and Challenges”.


Other Publications

  • Boako, G., (2013). Making micro credit work. Business and Financial Times (B&FT). Rural Banking Survey Report. Monday, 18 November, 2013, pages 24 & 26.
  • Boako, G., (2013). Choosing a financial advisor: Suitability, ethical and fiduciary standards. Business and Financial Times (B&FT). 24th September, 2013.
  • Boako, G., (2013). Choosing a financial advisor: The common mistakes we make. Business and Financial Times (B&FT), Wednesday 11th September, 2013- page 22.


 Description of Research Interest:

My current research focus has been on capital, commodities, foreign exchange markets development in emerging market economies, and risk modeling, particularly on the time series behaviour of asset returns and foreign currencies: efficiency, volatility, shock spillovers, and market microstructure. I have been examining non-linear dependencies between African FOREX and capital markets with the rest of the world and I have an avid interest in exploring the nexus between economic factors and stock market growth, and the interaction between the financial and real sectors of the economy. As update to my Ph.D thesis, I am currently working on a project that seeks to address the impact of global economic shocks (particularly from the banking and insurance sectors) on African economies, harmonization of financial systems within regional economic groupings, as well as, the extent of interdependencies between African countries and the rest of the world. The results of this are expected to point the right direction for policy makers to deepen regional integration while insulating fragile markets from global shocks contagion.

Courses Taught:

  • Financial Econometrics
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Banking Regulation

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