Daniel Domeher

  • Lecturer | HOD, Accounting & Finance

  • PhD (Finance - Real Estate) – UK, MA (Banking and finance) – UK, BA (Economics and geography)
  • +233(0) 50784 1789
  • ddomeher.cas@knust.edu.gh/danielddomeher@gmail.com
  • KSB Building Room TF 34
  • Full-Time

Daniel Domeher is currently a Lecturer in Banking and Finance at the KNUST School of Business. He obtained his PhD in Real Estate Finance from the Liverpool John Moores University, UK. Daniel also holds an MA in Banking and Finance from Sheffield Hallam University, UK and a BA degree in Economics and Geography from KNUST, Ghana. He has published in journals and conferences of international repute.

List of Publications:

  • Domeher, D, Godwin, M and Poku, K.  (Accepted) Micro Determinants of the Extent of Credit Rationing Amongst SMEs in Ghana, International Journal of social economics
  • Agyapong, A., Ellis, F.,and Domeher, D. (2016) Competitive Strategy and Performance of Family Businesses: Moderating Effect of Managerial and Innovative Capabilities, Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship, 28(6), pp. 449-477.
  • Domeher, D, Abdulai, R. and Yeboah E. (2016) secure property right as a determinant of SME’s access to formal credit in Ghana: dynamics between Micro Finance Institutions and Universal Banks, Journal of property research, 33(2), pp. 162–188.
  • Boako, G., Frimpong, J. M., Atta-Acheampong, I. and Domeher, D. (2015) Economic forces and equity market returns in Ghana: symmetric dependence with quantile regression, Ghanaian Journal of Economics, 3(1), pp. 86-108
  • Domeher, D., Frimpong, J., and Appiah, T. (2014) Adoption of financial Innovations in the Ghanaian Banking Industry, African Review of Economics and Finance, 6(2), pp. 88-114.
  • Domeher, D., Frimpong, J., and Mireku, K. (2014) Nature of the SME Financing Gap: Some Evidence from Ghana, International Journal of Economics and Finance, 6(7), pp.165-175.
  • Domeher, D. (2012) Land Rights and SME Credit: Evidence from Ghana, International Journal of Development issues, 11(2), pp. 129-143.
  • Domeher, D. & Abdulai, R. (2012b) Land Registration, Credit and Agricultural Investment in Africa, Agricultural Finance Review, 72(1), pp. 87-103
  • Domeher, D. and Abdulai, R. (2012a) Access to Credit in the Developing World: Does Land Registration Matter, Third World Quarterly, 33(1), pp. 161-175
  • Abdulai, R. & Domeher, D. (2011) Land Registration Per Se Cannot Guarantee Landed Property Ownership Security in Africa: A Theoretical Explanation, Current Politics and Economics of Africa, 4(3), pp. 397-424.



  • Abdulai, R. and Domeher, D. (2012) Why Real Estate Ownership Security cannot be guaranteed via land registration in the Developing World. Nova Science Publishers.


Conference Publications

  • Boako, G., Acheampong, I.A., Domeher, D., Frimpong, J.M. (2015). Volatility Clustering and Non-Linear Dependence between Economic Forces and Equity Returns in Ghana: AIB Conference Gordon Institute of Business, University of Pretoria, Johannesburg 25-28 August, 2015.  
  • Boako, G. Atta-Acheampong, I., Frimpong, J. M. and Domeher, D. (2015) Economic forces and equity market returns in Ghana: asymmetric dependence with quantile regression, presented at the 12th African Finance Journal Conference, May 2015, Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Domeher, D. and Abdulai, R. (2012) Land Registration and Access to SME credit: Preliminary Findings, presented at the European Real Estate Society Conference, June 13-16, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Domeher, D. and Abdulai, R. (2011c) Enhancing Access To Agricultural Credit Through Land Registration in the Developing World, RICS Construction and Property Conference, University of Salford, Manchester, 12-13 Sept. pp. 1067-1075,
  • Domeher, D. and Abdulai, R. (2011b) Land Registration and Access to Formal Credit: A Comparative Study of Ghana and England, Presented at the 6thAnnual BEAN Conference, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, May, 2011,
  • Domeher, D. and Abdulai, R. (2011a) Land Registration: A Tool for Promoting Agricultural Investment in Africa, Presented at the American Real Estate SocietyConference, Seattle, Washington DC. 13-17April,
  • Domeher, D. and Abdulai, R. (2010) Security of Land Rights and Sustainable Agricultural Investment in Africa, ARCOM Doctoral Workshop, Wolverhampton University, Wolverhampton, 25th June,pp. 24-29,

Research Interests:

  • Financial Innovation
  • SME Financing in the developing world
  • Real Estate Financing in the developing world
  • Property Rights Economics in developing Economies
  • All aspects of banking and finance

Courses Taught:

  • Micro Economics for Business
  • Macro Economics for Business
  • Micro Finance
  • Banking Law
  • Derivatives and Risk Management
  • Real Estate Finance & Investment


Selected Projects Supervised

  • Impact of Monetary Policy on Bank Lending
  • Decentralisation and economic growth in Ghana
  • Financial innovations and customer satisfaction in the Ghanaian banking industry
  • External debt and economic growth in Ghana


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