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Key Thrusts

Key Thrusts

In order to attain our vision as a world-class School of Business, KSB has the following as its thrusts:

1. Integrating business courses into all University programmes 
2. Recruitment of qualified, experienced and competent staff
3. Excellence in academic and industry research
4. Establishment of a Centre for Management Consulting and Business Research
5. Strong links with the world of business, government, and society
6. International partnerships: strong links with the world of learning
7. Developing the leadership and management competencies of students
8. Establishment of Professional business degree programmes
9. Establishment of a modern management library
10. Utilization of modern ICT resources
11. Performance & Quality Assurance


To become the centre of excellence in business education and research in Africa 


To develop leaders in business and public service with expert knowledge in management and a strong entrepreneurial orientation to support the socio-economic development of Ghana and Africa. 


Core Values

  • Rigour  and Relevance in Teaching and Research
    We encourage diversity in research and teaching methods as a means of promoting management as an academic discipline in addition to impacting business practices.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
    We embrace an entrepreneurial spirit that is characterized by innovation and risk taking that leads to productivity.
  • Nurturing Business Leaders
    We nurture leaders with strong business ethics who are able to balance the interest of all stakeholders for sustainable growth.
  • Innovation and Learning
    We engage our students in innovative learning processes that lead to fulfilling experiences.
  • Community of Support
    We strive to establish a community of support and a durable network of sustainable relationships that include staff, students, alumni and the business community.
  • Work Environment
    We create an engaging work environment that inspires personal and professional growth.