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Our Facilities

The KSB Library- A Wealth of Knowledge

The KSB Library offers an expansive collection of books, digital databases, academic journals, and more. This ever-expanding resource encourages effective research and learning for students and lecturers alike. With a focus on business and related fields, the library provides the information KSB students need to succeed both during and after their studies.

Cutting-Edge Technology at the KSB ICT Centre

The KSB ICT Centre equips students with critical information and communication technology skills. The state-of-the-art computer lab facility promotes impactful research, learning, and connectivity. Students have high-speed internet access to information and resources from across the globe right at their fingertips. The ICT Centre helps KSB achieve its vision of world-class business and technology education.


Ultra-Modern Auditoriums for Collaboration

KSB's auditoriums utilize modern architecture and technology to create spaces optimal for discussion, collaboration, and innovation. Skylights, moveable furnishings, and multimedia capabilities enable an engaging, productive learning environment. The auditorium design reflects KSB's commitment to equipping students for the real-world demands of the 21st century workplace.

Digitized Classrooms Enhance Learning

KSB utilizes digitized classrooms to enrich the learning experience. Features like multimedia presentations, lecture capture technology, and cloud-based file sharing keep students engaged with material in an interactive way. The digitized classrooms integrate seamless technology to help students collaborate, participate, and thrive in their studies. This modern environment prepares students for success in the digital age.


Fueling Innovation at the Digital Innovation Hub

The KSB Digital Innovation Hub connects talented students with opportunities to innovate and launch new ventures. This hub brings together high-achieving individuals from diverse backgrounds across Africa.

At the Digital Innovation Hub, students collaborate to turn innovative ideas into products and companies primed for real-world impact. The hands-on, experiential learning environment empowers students to take their brilliance to the next level.

By harnessing diverse perspectives and skills, the Digital Innovation Hub breeds fresh thinking and solutions. Students learn to push boundaries and create innovations that can solve pressing global issues.

The Digital Innovation Hub aligns with KSB's mission to develop principled, insightful leaders ready to make their mark as entrepreneurs. The hub provides a springboard for students to apply their learning in pioneering ways.

Through the Digital Innovation Hub, KSB fosters the next generation of innovators and changemakers. Students gain the skills and hands-on experience to bring innovative products and companies to life.

Conducive Study Centers for Focused Learning

KSB provides dedicated study centers designed to foster focused, effective learning. These comfortable, quiet spaces allow students to delve deep into course materials, conduct research, and collaborate on projects away from other distractions. Outfitted with desks, whiteboards, and access to power outlets, the study centers provide an optimal environment for students to maximize their academic success. Whether working solo or in groups, students can make full use of the conducive facilities to enrich their studies.


A Cozy Cafe to Unwind and Refuel

The KSB Cafe provides students with a welcoming space to relax, connect, and refuel between classes. The cozy atmosphere and comfortable seating make it easy to meet up with friends or find a quiet spot to unwind with a snack or beverage. The chef-curated menu offers nutritious and delicious meal options made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. From coffee to healthy plates to sweet treats, the KSB Cafe nourishes students' bodies and spirits so they can perform at their best. This lively hub offers both fuel and community, giving students a home away from home right on campus.


KSB Career Services Office

The KSB Career Services Office empowers students to launch their careers. Advisors assist with resume and cover letter reviews, interview preparation, networking strategies, and more. The office connects students with job and internship opportunities to gain real-world experience. Events like career fairs, corporate meet-and-greets, and recruiter visits provide exposure to potential employers. From self-assessment tools to skills workshops, the Professional Development Office gives each student the individual support they need to transition successfully from KSB into the global workforce.

Professional Programs Centre

The KSB Professional Programs Centre provides opportunities for continued education and career advancement. Offerings include short courses, customized corporate training, certificate programs, and more. Experienced professionals can upgrade their skills in areas like leadership, digital transformation, analytics, and innovation. Program offerings cater to diverse industries and experience levels, empowering professionals at any stage of their career journey. By partnering with organizations to understand their talent development needs, the Professional Programs Office helps working professionals stay competitive in our rapidly changing economy. Continued learning and upskilling are key to unlocking professional potential.