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Department of Marketing and Corporate Strategy

About Department

The Department of Marketing and Corporate Strategy provides students with a strong foundation in marketing, strategy, and consulting to prepare them for leadership roles. We take an integrated approach focusing on customer insights, strategic thinking, and business solutions.

Our marketing programs equip students with skills in market research, consumer behavior, branding, integrated marketing communications, services marketing, and sales management. The curriculum blends theory and practice to develop marketing leaders who can create value for organizations.

Our strategy and consulting programs build expertise in analyzing complex business challenges, crafting competitive strategies, leading change, and advising organizations. Students gain knowledge of corporate strategy, international strategy, entrepreneurial strategy, strategic consulting methods, and more.

Experiential learning is integral to our programs through client projects, simulations, and competitions. Students receive hands-on experience solving real business problems for companies. Our small class sizes and dedicated faculty facilitate a highly interactive learning environment. 


Many of our graduates launch successful careers in brand management, marketing analytics, advertising, public relations, management consulting, and strategic planning. Alumni work at top companies in Ghana and worldwide. Our department strives to shape innovative marketers and strategists who create lasting value for organizations, consumers, and society.

Programs Offered

  • BSc Business Administration Marketing

  • BSc Business Administration Strategic Management


  • MBA Marketing
  • MBA Strategic Management and Consulting
  • MPhil Marketing
  • MPhil Strategic Management
  • MSc Marketing
  • MSc Strategic Management and Leadership

Our programs prepare students for careers including:

  • Marketing Manager 
  • Brand Manager   
  • Market Research Analyst   
  • Marketing Communications Manager  
  • Digital Marketing Manager   
  • Social Media Manager 
  • Marketing Consultant 
  • Account Manager 
  • Product Manager   
  • Marketing Director 
  • Strategic Planning Manager 
  • Management Consultant 
  • Business Development Manager 
  • Entrepreneur/Founder
Head of Department

Head of Department

Prof Bylon Abeeku Bamfo


Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Samuel Aboagye




Examinations Officer

Examinations Officer

Dr Kwame Ohene Djan