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Programmes at KSB are designed to equip students with knowledge and skills that will lead to success in the workplace. KSB specializes in skills development necessary for creating a productive, diverse workforce for the nation and beyond.At KSB we embrace the power of diversity and the positive impact it plays in creating a world-class educational experience. We adopt a diversified approach to programme development geared at producing a multi-faceted graduate who is able to understand the diverse aspects of the business environment. Through our BSc., MBA, MSc, MPhil and PhD programmes we show our commitment to producing leaders who make a difference. We encourage you to explore our academic and professional programmes on these pages.



The KNUST School of Business has satisfied all necessary requirements to secure the accreditation to run our programmes.The School recently completed a transformational revision of its curriculum that not only improves the way we prepare our students to become future business leaders but also serves as a model in business and management education in Africa.

The KNUST School of Business is also accredited by the Association of African Business Schools.