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Diversity in Programmes

Today’s companies, regardless of industry, are focused on creating a diverse workplace to fuel their competitive advantage and companies in Ghana have in recent times embraced diversity as part of their long-term growth strategies. At KSB we embrace the power of diversity and the positive impact it plays in creating a world-class educational experience. We adopt a diversified approach to programme development geared at producing a multi-faceted graduate who is able to understand the diverse aspects of the business environment. Such diversity brings substantial benefits of greater creativity and innovation and ultimately, more successful graduates are produced annually to enter the world of business. The School specializes in skills development necessary for creating a productive, diverse workforce for the nation and beyond. We share the University’s dedication to promoting the understanding and appreciation of human differences, and the constructive expression of ideas. We strive to celebrate and value differences and similarities. 

We’re committed to producing leaders who think differently and make a difference and this outcome is enhanced when our MBA’s have varied backgrounds and experiences. To that end, we welcome individuals of different ages, races, genders, cultures, sexual orientation and economic status. And we celebrate the interactions that occur when students bring a diversity of life experience into the classroom. This makes KSB a diversified but united School.