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KNUST School of Business holds Summer Research Camp

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QUICK READ: A Summer Research Camp was organized by the KNUST School of Business from 19th till 22nd of June, 2018 in order to engage faculty members, as well as PhD/DBA students of the School in interactive sessions with external resource persons. The aim was to impart the necessary knowledge and understanding for academic writing for publication. Topics discussed during the three-day event included choosing a topic and “setting the hook”; obtaining quality data from credible sources, and collaborative writing, among others. Participants and speakers agree that the event was successful, impactful and satisfactory for both groups, and look forward to more of such opportunities.


Prof. Jim Walsh
Prof. Jim Walsh

THE GIST: The research camp was addressed by three external speakers, namely, Prof. Jim Walsh – a Professor of Strategy, Management & Organizations at the University of Michigan - U.S.A., Prof. Francis Andoh-Baidoo – an Associate Professor of Information Systems at the University of Texas - U.S.A., and Prof. Moses Acquaah – a Professor of Strategic Management from the University of North Carolina – U.S.A. Internal resource persons included Dr. Henry Mensah of the Department of Human Resources and Organizational Development – KSB, Dr. Godfred Anwaar of the Department of Accounting and Finance - KSB, and Prof. Nathaniel Boso, the Dean of the KNUST School of Business.

The statement of purpose was delivered by Dr. Ahmed Agyapong, Coordinator for the Summer Research Camp while the Dean, Prof. Nathaniel Boso, gave the opening address.  During the presentations, Prof. Jim Walsh shared his journey as a scholar and educated participants on the requirements reviewers expect to be fulfilled in order to have an academic piece published in the Academy of Management Journal. Prof. Moses Acquaah on his part enlightened participants on the need to choose a captivating topic and create an engaging introductory section in order to keep the attention of readers, articulating that a paper which fails to catch and keep the attention of readers (especially reviewers) has slimmer chances of being published. Prof. Andoh-Baidoo emphasized what reviewers look out for and the seemingly trivial things that are overlooked in academic writing, which often play a major role in the response of reviewers. Prof. Natahaniel Boso pointed out the do’s and don’ts of a research methodology section with Dr. Anwaar enlightening participants on how to obtain, verify and clean data from credible sources.

THE IMPACT: In an interview, Prof. Moses Acquaah emphasized that the prerequisites for any university to obtain global recognition is to have faculty who are publishing in reputable journals, underscoring the need for such interactive sessions to enable faculty of the KNUST School of Business to plan their research properly in order to get their papers published in reputable journals. He went on to encourage the PhD and DBA students as they begin their research activities to seek fruitful collaborations.  Prof. Andoh-Baidoo concurred, adding that the summer camp had produced much enthusiasm in participants and had pushed them to think globally and step outside the local boundaries which many seemed to have set for themselves. A contented DBA student confirmed this in an interview, stating emphatically that the resource persons “gave an international appeal to the program” and that has encouraged him to pursue his research work with maximum zeal and curiosity.

IN CLOSING: According to Dr. Ahmed Agyapong, the event indeed fulfilled its objective of enriching students’ and faculty’s knowledge on research, publication and collaborations, and speakers and participants agree that this should become a regular affair in the business school.

Watch the full Summer Camp Sessions below  

Day One (Prof. Jim Walsh)


Day Two-Part One (Prof. Jim Walsh)


Day Two Part Two (Prof. Andoh Baidoo)