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KSB Unveils Ultra-Modern Graduate Building


There is one truth in life, in that human life is finite. It must surely end. Yet civilization as we know it has evolved with the latter always proving better than the former. The wealth of knowledge chanced upon by generations is handed down to the next generation. Education has been the major tool used by us, humans to pass on the knowledge we acquired. We began to write on stones and walls to animal skin and then books, now we can boast of phones, tablets, PCs and even the cloud. .

The story of Education in Ghana is no different we have seen a constant improvement in the way teaching and learning is done. We have transitioned from the use of chalks and blackboards to markers and marker boards and now we have projectors and PCs. We ought to engage in continual improvement and the KNUST School of Business is championing that goal.

KSB visions to attain global recognition as a center of excellence in Africa for the development and participation of excellence in Africa for the development and production of high caliber graduates with hands-on knowledge and expertise in management and a strong entrepreneurial orientation to support the industrial and socio-economic development of Ghana and Africa

Hence, building on KNUST’s leadership as the premier science and technology university in Ghana and to be among the top ten Universities in Africa. In order to realize the said visions; KNUST exists to advance knowledge in science and technology through creating an environment for undertaking relevant research, quality teaching, entrepreneurship training, and community engagement to improve the quality of life.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to set up ultramodern facilities to achieve its purpose.  The KNUST School of Business Graduate School Building is one such facility that aids to realize this vision. It has five (5) lecture theatres that have an average seating capacity of 1300 each. The Ksb Graduate complex can boast of well well-stocked electronic podiums with internet facilities to allow for lecturers to lecture from just a simple USB stick or even access their lecture materials from the internet. The building has video conferencing rooms to allow for long distance lectures and conferences. All ICT facilities are also user-friendly which means no additional technical knowledge is required to use the facilities within the building.

The security of the students has been one of the priorities of the University in the past years and as a result, the building has been well equipped with security cameras and  access points which allow for only students and authorized personnel to access most parts of the building

It gets even better. In seeking out for student welfare, the facility provides a cafeteria for learning and for refreshment. ATMs to allow access to cash at any required time. Also, the facility is disability friendly, which allow all persons to access every facilty and floor of the building supported by 3 elevators. The facility also provides an infirmary and a massive car park.

History is being made in Ghana and West-Africa as KNUST and its School of Business unveils the Graduate School Building. It is sure to be a beacon for other universities and in the evolution and modernizing of Education.