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In a step to deepen democracy, reduce cost and be effective, the current leadership of the association have inducted the maiden parliamentary council under the auspices of the RT. HON. LENIN ANANE AGYEI, speaker of the SRC Parliament and the patron of the association MR. P.K. OPPONG-BOAKYE. 

The event came off 1pm Friday 2nd October at the School of Business conference room.

The patron in his address informed all parliamentarians and observers present, the council was the culminating efforts of past and present executives. He also thanked the current administration for efficiently executing tasks to get the council in place.

The speaker of the parliament, RT HON CHARLES FAAMILINBA JATONG after his election re-echoed the need for parliamentarians to act above reproach and keep the sanity attached to their positions. He further advised all members to be circumspect in their reasoning and contributions on the floor of parliament. 

The parliament is made up of all class reps of the core classes from year 1-4, and all other executives except the president, vice president, judicial chair and electoral commissioner.

13:29 PM
KSB conference room