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BSc. Business Administration

The BSc. Business administration programmes is a four year programme with students opting to study on full time or part time basis to suit their lifestyles and academic development

Every student that graduates from KSB's BSc in Business Administration Programme:

  1. Takes at least 4 courses in the area of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  2. Takes courses in French, English Language and Business Communications for 2 years.
  3. Is expected to develop and apply computer and analytical skills and therefore the relevant competencies that are required have been built into courses.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree has the following specialization options;

  1. Accounting
  2. Banking and Finance
  3. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  4. Procurement Management
  5. Business Information Technology
  6. Marketing Management
  7. International Business Management
  8. Human Resource Management
  9. Management and Organizational Development

“Due to the high entry requirements, I expected KSB to be an extremely competitive environment where all students are only concerned with their individual academic performance.

In the brief period I have been here, however, I have realised how wrong my assumption was. I have received a lot of unsolicited assistance and kindness from continuing students and staff members.

I am also happy about the fact that lecturers pay attention to the needs of individual students and the fact that lecture rooms are equipped with appropriate facilities which make the learning environment conducive.”

Ameyaw Boas Donkor, 1st year student

Year One

  • Year One Semester One

    1. ENG 157 Communication Skill (2 Credit Hours)
    2. ISD 151 Business Mathematics (3 Credit Hours)
    3. ISD 153 Computers In Business I (3 Credit Hours)
    4. SOC 151 Introduction To Sociology (3 Credit Hours)
    5. MAS 151 Business in Ghana (3 Credit Hours)
    6. FC 181 French For Communication I (2 Credit Hours)
  • Year One Semester Two

    1. ENGL 158 Communication Skills II (2 Credit Hours)
    2. ISD 152 Business Statistics (3 Credit Hours)
    3. ISD 154 Computers In Business I (3 Credit Hours)
    4. MAS 152 Business Communication (3 Credit Hours)
    5. PSY 152 Introduction To Psychology (3 Credit Hours)
    6. FC 182 French For Communication (2 Credit Hours)
    7. FB 281 French for Business I (2 Credit Hours)

Year Two

  • Year Two Semester One

  • Year Two Semester Two

What are the minimum requirements to apply to KSB’s undergraduate programmes?

The minimum requirement is to have passes in six (6) subjects at the WASSCE level however due to completion most of our admitted students on the full time programme have an aggregate of eight or better.

Please see University Undergraduate Admissions Page

I don’t have aggregate eight or better, can I still apply to be on the parallel programme or as a fee paying student?

Yes. If you don’t have aggregate eight or better, you can apply for admission on the parallel programme which is the equivalent of a part time programme held in the afternoons and evenings. The parallel programme is taught by the same faculty and in the same premises as the full time programme using the same curriculum. If you also apply as a fee paying student, then you will pay the full fees without benefiting from any subsidies. The cut-off for fee paying and parallel programmes are set at the department level so contact the department head of the programme you are interested in for more information.