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This is a new programme that took place in the 2013/2014 academic year. The admission requirements are the same as that for the MBA/EMBA Human Resource Management. First year courses are the same as that for the MBA/EMBA Human Resource Management programme. Specialization courses for the second year include, Organisation Development Theory and Practice, Organisation Development Consulting, Theory and Practice in Management and Organizational Design.

Timing and duration for the programme:
The MBA programme is run on full-time (mornings and afternoons during weekdays) and part-time (evenings during weekdays) basis whiles the EMBA programme is run on weekends (Friday evenings and Saturdays). Currently, the duration for the full-time programme is two years and that for the part-time and EMBA programme is three years. 

Course Content:
The under listed are the courses offered on the programme;

Year One Semester One

  1. ACF 551 Management Accounting
  2. ISD 551 Quantitative Analysis
  3. ACF 553 Business Economics
  4. MAS 561Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
  5. MAS 553 Human Resource Management
  6. ISD 552 Operations Management
  7. MCS 552 Marketing Management
  8. ACF 554  Corporate Finance
  9. ISD 554 Research Methods
  10. ISD 556 MIS & E-Business

Year One Semester Two

Available Soon