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You rarely chance upon universities which demand students to dress in a particular style. This can be attributed to the fact that most universities allow students to enjoy certain liberties with the aim of aiding the students to find their own paths in their academic and social interactions.


The KNUST School of Business, however, mandates its students (undergrads) to dress in formal sky-blue shirt and Navy-Blue trousers or skirt. Some students argue that this demand restricts students who find themselves in the confines of the KNUST School of Business. Yet on a second look at the choice of attire, one is bound to notice the look of professionalism that the attire gives students.


Knowing what to wear in the week takes a huge weight off students’ shoulders. One does not need to stress one’s self with changing fashion trends.  Hence, students are freed to focus on more important matters; excelling as a student and building up one’s self for the future.


This liberty also translates into the way students associate in the faculty. Being in uniform breaks away most boundaries allowing students to form alliances easily. It is similar to kindergarten, where making friends is way easier than in most institutions today. All you need to do is walk up to someone and you are friends. Nothing matters; not status, intellect, beauty or the clothes on your back. Only students walking about in the same shirt and colour. Wearing blue with so many people creates that wonderful KG feeling.


No matter who you are. You need motivation daily to be the best you can be. Studying in the university can be a bit much sometimes. When I take a look at my blue shirt, it speaks to me. It urges me to reach for the skies. This subtle message is extremely compelling when the going gets tough during the semester.