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THE FIRST SEMESTER has thus began; students from the school of business have trooped in with much anticipation for what the semester prospects.

The Arrival


One by one, it is noticeable that as students go about their registrations as we wait for academic work to commence.

A sure thing this semester make hopefuls of all students. Everyone decides to chart a path that aligns with his or her expectations for the dawned semester. Some students are eager for elections amidst the arisen political tension; others are determined to make excellence in their academics. Not forgetting the fan that comes with the numerous social activities in this semester.

Academic Hopefuls

Diving deeper, we can tag some students as “Academic Hopefuls”. The anxiety is ever pressing as everyone awaits his or her exam results. The main questions hovering around everybody’s mind is “How well will I do?” Nonetheless, many have forged for themselves lofty goals for themselves; usually there are two major divides, some students are aiming to improve their average whilst others are contented with their current average. However collectively everyone aims to better his or her lot.

Agenda Hopefuls

Moving on, let us look at the “Agenda Hopeful’s”.  The second and final semester beckons a change in leadership. Hence, young agendame n and women with an interest to serve in the capacity as student leaders have already began positioning themselves, to stand out as favorites after the tussle and bustle of politics has died down. Such students will use every means to grab the attention of the populace. Ranging from the bright shirts, polished shoes and stringed ties.

If you are like me, you are already enjoying the political tension. The wonderful catch phrases and creative strategies that these aspirants use brings a lot of excitement as the events of this semester unfolds. On the other hand, we also dread the repetitive fliers and numerous messages that buzz our phones every now and then. Leadership is bound to change, the question of where the lot will fall still lingers and all of us wonder what the future holds.

Social Hopefuls

socialWhere are my “party people”, the “socialholics” and the “networkers?” All and Sundry are counting on the numerous social events that happens in this final semester. The celebration of halls, the business week celebration, the seminars and workshops, the dinners and other fun packed parties that are yet to come. Everyone in the school that are yet to come. Everyone in the school will participate one way or the other in one of such activities. My dancing shoes are already laced and ready mark the dance floor.


Tell Us! What Do You Expect?

Personally, I am really looking forward to the Knust School of Business handing over dinner.  I am hopeful; we will rave about it for generations to come.  What are you looking forward to, in this semester? Follow us @KSBOfficial_GH on twitter and tell us what you expect by #ksbtalk.

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