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Education @KSB


Great Teachers Impact Great Minds that Change The World

At KSB, we see it as our responsibility to educate tomorrow’s business leaders and so we make it a point to offer you a life-changing experience. The education we offer is thought stimulating and practical, because we believe that theory is nothing without practice and ideas cannot come alive without action. Your success as a manager and business leader will depend not just on what you know, but also on how you apply what you know and we are committed to helping you succeed in this.

Rapid change in our world and in managed organizations demands a focus on preparing for the future. The education we offer through our undergraduate and post graduate programmes will enable you to keep pace with the changes you will face after school. KSB prepares students for the years to come, producing leaders and ideas that empower and improve organizations. Our focus for the future is based on our pioneering heritage and is fueled by KNUST’s vision of being the premier center of excellence in Africa.

At KSB, our lecturers utilize divers teaching methods combining interactive classroom lectures, case studies, software simulations, group activities and other highly participative teaching techniques; all aimed at giving you experiential learning opportunities. It is also a common thing for us to invite experts from industry to come and share their experiences with our students. You will learn about diverse industries and business units from other experienced professionals in the class With our students coming from different walks of life with different experiences, our classrooms are never dull. You can expect lively challenging discussions about real business issues. With numerous field trips and internship opportunities, our students gain a good exposure to the business world even before they graduate which puts them in a better position to fit in industry and excel once they graduate.