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KSB Undergraduate Students Association (KSBSA)


The KNUST School of Business Students Associations (KSBSA) serves as the legitimate representative body of all the undergraduate students of the KNUST School of Business, Kumasi. The association was established during the 2006/2007 academic year. KSBSA however, is not just an association but a community that provides a safe place that fosters a sense of university pride where students, faculty, staff, alumni and the entire KNUST community members can socialize, share ideas and collaborate to impact generations.

As part of our vision, the association develops innovative and creative services and programmes such as business week and career fairs which provides our members with experiential and reflective developmental opportunities that helps each student to cultivate a holistic educational experience that prepares them for their future.

Over the time, academic years have been filled with various activities that are educative and entertaining and this year will be no exception.

As part of first semester activities, there will be a seminar with SEO-Africa to educate students on internship and internship opportunities. In bringing students of our faculty together and to foster unity among our members, there will also be a socialization event organized by the students’ association. This semester will also see the introduction of the “Business Hour”, a program during which professionals from the business world will be invited to speak to the students.

The second semester will be filled with faculty based debates which is mainly to produce avid debaters and to educate the student body. Of course the semester cannot be whole without the Business Week Celebration and the Dinner and Awards Night Celebration when KSBSA recognises its finest!