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Short Bio

Prof. Kingsley Opoku Appiah  is a lecturer of Accounting and corporate governance at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. K.O, as he is affectionately called, did his doctoral degree in corporate governance and strategy at Loughborough University in the UK. He is also a fellow and a member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) and Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICAG), respectively, and serves as moderator of examination questions for the latter.

He also works as auditor on part-time basis at Owusu-Afriyie and Associates, Kumasi. K.O has taught professional accountancy and corporate governance related courses for over 5years in the UK, first in Jeff Wooller College, then at Boston College of London, Hamilton College and finally, Loughborough University. Previously, K.O. worked with Sambus Company Limited and Unicorn Ink Limited, as an Accountant in 2001 and Assistant Group Finance Officer in 2002, respectively. Finally, He has published extensively in top-tier journals including Journal of Benchmarking, where his paper is regarded as one of the best articles since 2009. When not writing articles, books and/or studying, K.O plays with his two daughters: Abena Opoku Appiah (Naana Pokua) and Akosua Nyarko Appiah (Maame Nyarko).


Publications & Research

List of Publications: 

  • Appiah, K. O., Chizema, A and Arthur, J (2015). Predicting Corporate Failure: A Systematic Literature Review of Methodological Issues, International Journal of Law and Management 57(6)  
  •  Appiah, K. O., Agana J.A and Mireku K (2015). Comparative Predictive Abilities of Earning and Operating Cash Flows on Future Cash Flows: Empirical Evidence from Ghana, Accounting and Finance Research, (2015) 4(3), p40 
  •  Appiah, K. O. (2014). Predicting Corporate Failure in The UK Manufacturing Sector", LAP Lambert Academic Publishing -  ISBN 978-3-659-53683-0 
  •  Appiah, K. O., Agyemang F, Agyei Y.F.R, Nketiah, S and Mensah B. J. (2014). Computerised Accounting Information Systems: Lessons in State-Owned Enterprise in Developing Economies, Journal of Finance and Management in Public Services, 12(1) pp. 1-23 (with) 
  •  Appiah, K. O., Agyeiwaah E, Anane G.A.S, and Opoku-Ware J (2014).Challenges of E-Zwich at Ghana Commercial Bank: do the views of users differ to those of non-users?, African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure, 3(2) 
  •  Appiah, K. O., Oppong-Boakye P.K. and Afolabi J.K. (2013) “Determinants of Capital Structure: Evidence from Ghanaian Firms”, Research Journal of Finance and Accounting, 4(4),  
  •  Appiah, K. O.(2011). Corporate Failure Prediction: Some Empirical Evidence from Listed Firms in Ghana, China-USA Business Review, 10(1), 32-41. 
  •  Appiah, K. O., L, Yin (2010) “Exploring the Presence of Accounting amongst Petty Traders in Ghana”, Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing, 6(12) 
  •  Appiah, K. O., J. Abor (2009). Predicting Corporate Failure: Some Empirical Evidence from the UK Manufacturing Sector, Benchmarking: An International Journal,16(3), pp.432-444 
  •  Appiah, K. O., Turkson J. K. and Hagan P. (2009). The Role of Micro Financial Institutions in Ghana: The Small and Medium Enterprise Perspective” Global Business& Economics Anthology: An International Referred Journal, Volume II                        
  •  Appiah, K. O., Turkson J. K. (2009). Managerial Creativity and Innovation: A Panacea for Organizational Change and Development”, Global Business& Economics Anthology: An International Referred Journal, Volume II
  • Appiah, K. O., Asamoah, L., Narkotey, Z. (2015). Determinants of Performance of Rural Banks in Ghana, African Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, 4(4), pp. 345-359 
  • Apanga, M. A.., Appiah, K. O., Arthur, J., (2016). “Credit risk management of Ghanaian listed banks”. International Journal of Law and Management, Vol. 58 (ISS 2) EarlyCite
  • Appiah , K.O., Chizema , A., Arthur ,J. (2015) "Predicting corporate failure: a systematic literature review of methodological issues", International Journal of Law and Management, 57(5), pp.461 – 485
  • Appiah , K.O., Chizema , A. (2015),"Remuneration committee and corporate failure", Corporate Governance,  15(5) pp. 623 – 640
  • Appiah, K.O., Agana J.AMireku. K. (2015). Comparative Predictive Abilities of Earning and Operating Cash Flows on Future Cash Flows: Empirical Evidence from Ghana, Accounting and Finance Research, 4(3), pp. 40 – 45


Research Interests:

  • Corporate failure
  • Board oversight committees
  • Executive compensation
  • Boards of directors
  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate disclosures and
  • Financial reporting


Teaching & Supervision

Courses Taught:

  • Taxation
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Performance Management
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Corporate Financial Reporting Analysis
  • Accounting Theory
  • Audit & Assurance Services


Selected Projects Supervised


  • Risk and performance of selected banks in Ghana
  • Computerised Accounting Information Systems: Lessons in State-Owned Enterprise in Developing Economies


  • Determinant of liquidity of banks listed on the Ghana stock exchange
  • Assessing the role of micro insurance in poverty reduction; a case study of Glico insurance company ltd, Ghana.
  • Working capital management practices in Curtain Plaza ltd, Kumasi
KSB Building Room TF 04
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Associate Professor
  • PhD (Accounting) – UK, MSc. (Accounting and finance) – UK, ACCA, ICA
    Head of Deparment