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What are the minimum requirements to apply to KSB’s undergraduate programmes?

The minimum requirement is to have passes in six (6) subjects at the WASSCE level however due to completion most of our admitted students on the full time programme have an aggregate of eight or better.

I don’t have aggregate eight or better, can I still apply to be on the parallel programme or as a fee paying student?

Yes. If you don’t have aggregate eight or better, you can apply for admission on the parallel programme which is the equivalent of a part time programme held in the afternoons and evenings. The parallel programme is taught by the same faculty and in the same premises as the full time programme using the same curriculum. If you also apply as a fee paying student, then you will pay the full fees without benefiting from any subsidies. The cut-off for fee paying and parallel programmes are set at the department level so contact the department head of the programme you are interested in for more information.

What are the minimum requirements to apply to KSB’s MBA Programmes?

Candidates for MBA and the Executive MBA must possess a good first degrees or equivalent professional qualifications from a recognized institution in any relevant area. Applicants should hold a bachelor's degree of at least Second Class (Lower Division) or its equivalent to qualify to be considered for admission into the programme. Applicants must in addition have a thorough proficiency in written and spoken English as indicated by passes in English and maths at the WASSCE level. O level applicants should have passes in English and Maths. In addition applicants must have at least two (2) years working experience. EMBA applicants should have at least five (5) years working experience.

What are the minimum requirements to apply to KSB’s MSc. programmes?

A first degree with at least a second class lower in an area related to that of the chosen MSc. Programme.

What are the minimum requirements to apply to KSB’s MPhil. programmes?

A first degree with at least a second class upper in an area related to that of the chosen MPhil Programme.

Do I have to attend an interview, if so, how can I arrange one?

Only invited applicants can come for an interview. If you are not invited for an interview, it could mean you did not pass the first screening stage. However, due to telecom network issue it could be that you did not receive the text message inviting you. In such cases please call or pass by our faculty to enquire. by invitation only. After we review the completed application, we select candidates for interviews. No candidate is admitted without an interview.

When should I apply and when is the application deadline?

KSB offers admissions once a year. Applications are open normally by January ending with deadlines in mid-April

If I am admitted in a particular year, can I defer the admission?

Deferrals of admissions are not granted however all requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Do I have to pay my entire fee before I can start?

No. You can make part payments but you have to follow a strict payment plan that will be offered to you by the KSB Accountant.

Do I have to bring original certificates during the interview at KSB?

Yes. You have to tender in original certificates during your interview for inspection. They will be returned to you by the end of the interview

I already have an MBA in a discipline; can I apply to do A ONE YEAR MBA in another discipline?

Yes. KSB has introduced a special one year MBA for applicants with an MBA in a specialization area who want an MBA in another specialization. This one year MBA is also good for applicants with a CEMBA degree from IDL who want to specialization in one of our MBA areas.

Does KSB offer a part-time, evening or distance learning MBA?

Yes. KSB offers a Part-Time MBA programme that is held on evenings at 6pm. The Full-Time MBA programme is however held in the day, especially mornings. We DO NOT offer an MBA in distance learning mode. For distance learning options, see the institute of distance learning programmes.(hyper link to IDL CEMBA)

I earned an undergraduate degree that only took three years. Am I eligible to apply for an MBA at KSB?

Several other universities in Africa and around the world offer three year undergraduate programs. If you have received a Bachelor’s degree upon completion of such a programme, you are eligible to apply to the KSB MBA programme.

How do I know that I have been admitted?

You will receive a text message after the interview. You can also pass by the faculty to review an admission list that will be posted on the notice board. Hardcopy admission letters are also offered later on.

How long does it take for an applicant to receive a decision after he/she has submitted an application?

About a month after the interview.