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Research Seminars & Conferences

KSB periodically hosts a number of research seminars, workshops and events throughout the year. Our research focused event programmes features world-class academics and practitioners covering a wide range of management topics.


Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Seminar

Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is a statistical tool that has gained popularity across many disciplines (Business, Social Science and other fields in the sciences) recently, and is one of the most reliable and advanced ways to analyze and present research results, especially for publication in top journals. This seminar forms part of the PhD quantitative training programme at KSB. This programme is aimed at PhD students, graduate students and also senior academics who wish to improve their skills in contemporary analytical techniques. It focuses on linking basic exposure to quantitative methods (such as introduction to research design and data analysis) to contemporary advanced quantitative analysis techniques to provide guidelines on how participants can use these skills in their doctoral works and journal publications. The topics treated in this courser are carefully selected to ensure that participants are acquainted with analytical techniques required to evaluate conceptual models using quantitative datasets.