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Student Research

KSB provides its students at all levels (undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students) with resources and cutting edge tools and technology to help push the boundaries of business research. Specifically, our goal is to help our students set up and execute their research programmes. We achieve this through excellent research tuition, provision of data analysis skills through workshops and seminars, access to funding and external grants to support research activities plus the availability of a highly skilled staff of research assistants and research coordinators/associates

All these activities help to facilitate and streamline student. Our doctoral students have access to the same resources that our faculty utilizes.

All students at KSB from the undergraduate programme to our PhD programmes are mandate to present a written thesis at the end of their studies. The requirement of this thesis defer for the various levels though. Each student is appointed a thesis supervisor and in the case of PhD students a thesis committee. Student research reports are examined by the supervisor, an internal examiner and an external examiner. Students are also expected to appear before a panel for an oral examination of the project report.

The regulations on examinations, writing and presentation of thesis and general requirements for prospective candidates can be obtained in the University’s Graduate School Handbook as well as the Undergraduate Students Handbook