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Dr. (Mrs) Felicity Asiedu-Appiah is a lecturer in Human Resource Management and Organisational Development at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) where she is involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and thesis supervision. She obtained her master’s degree from the Nottingham Trent University in United Kingdom and has her PhD in Human Resource Management at KNUST. Her research interests include Work-Life Balance, Contextual issues in Leadership, and Human Resource Management Practices in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Dr. Asiedu-Appiah’s research is published in several leading journals including the Journal of African Business and Journal of Business and Behavioural Sciences. Felicity is a member of the African Academy of Management (AFAM) and an ambassador for the Human Resource Division of Academy of Management to Ghana. In addition, she is an ad-hoc reviewer for SA Journal of Human Resource Management and Journal of Business Economics and Management Science among others.


List of publications

  • Asiedu-Appiah, F., Mehmood, A., and Bamfo, B. A., (2015). “Work-Life Balance Practices, Job Performance and Turnover Intentions.” The International Journal of Arts and Sciences, Vol. 8 (5): 379–404.
  • Bamfo, B. A., Asiedu-Appiah, F., and Oppong-Boakye, P. K., (2015). “Capacity Building for Entrepreneurship Development in Ghana: The Perspectives of Owner Managers.” The International Journal of Arts and Sciences, Vol. 8 (5): 481-498.
  • Bamfo, B. A., and Asiedu-Appiah, F. (2015). “Planning in Small Businesses: The Perspectives of Owner Managers”. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. Vol 2(1): 1-14.
  • Asiedu-Appiah, F., and Addai, H. (2014). “An Investigation into the Causal Relationship between Employees”. Locus of Control and Contextual Performance. Journal of Business and Behavioural Sciences. Vol. 26(2): 94-118.
  • Asiedu-Appiah, F., Aduse-Poku, O., and Acheampong, A. F. (2014). “Work-Life Balance Practices and Female Lecturers’ Career Progression in Ghana”. Asian Journal of Management Research, Vol. 4(3): 419-431.
  • Asiedu-Appiah, F., Aduse-Poku, O., and Abeeku-Bamfo, B. (2013). “An Investigation into Recruitment and Selection Practices of Small and Medium Enterprises: Evidence from Ghana”. Global Advanced Research Journal of Management and Business Studies. Vol. 2(3): 175-188.
  • Asiedu-Appiah, F., Kontor, E., and Asamoah, D. (2013). “Effect of human resource management practices on employee retention: perspectives from the mining industry in Ghana”. International Research Journal of Arts and Social Sciences. ISSN: 2276-6502: Vol. 2(2): pp. 30-48.
  •  Asiedu-Appiah, F., Dufie-Marfo, I., and Frempong, E. (2013). “Work-Life Balance as a Tool for Stress Management in Selected Banking Institutions in Ghana”. Global Advanced Research Journal of Management and Business Studies. Vol. 2(5) pp. 29 1-311.
  • Bamfo, B. A., and Asiedu-Appiah, F. (2013). “SMEs Internationalization: The Attitude of Owner Managers in Ghana”, International Journal of Business and Management Studies. 2(2):225–239. [My contribution to this publication is 50%].
  • Bamfo, B. A., and Asiedu-Appiah, F. (2012). “Investigating the challenges and prospects of female entrepreneurs in Ghana”, International Journal of Business and Management Studies, 01 (01): 43-54.
  • Mmieh, F., Mordi, C., Singh, S., and Asiedu-Appiah, F. (2010) “Performance management in public sector enterprises: a case analysis of employees' perceptions in the Electricity Company of Ghana”. Journal of African Business12 (3): 419- 438.


Conference Papers

  • Asante J., Asiedu-Appiah F., and Oteng-Abayie E. F. (2011). Assessing the Learning Organization Practices of Ghana Post Company Limited (Presented at the 14th International Business Research Conference; April 2011).
  • Asiedu-Appiah F. (2008). The Role of Culture in the Practice of Performance Management in Ghana (Presented at the International Academy of African Business and Development Conference; May 2008).


 Research Interests:

  • Performance Management,
  • Employee Relations,
  • Work-life Interface/Balance/Fit,
  • Emotional Intelligence,
  • Social Capital,
  • Management in SMEs


Courses taught:

Postgraduate –

  • Introduction to Human Resource Management,
  • Leadership and Organizational Behavior,
  • Coaching for Performance Management,
  • International Human Resource Management
  • Social Capital for Managerial Effectiveness,


Undergraduate –

  • Introduction to Human Resource Management,
  • Principles of Management,
  • Organizational Behavior, 
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Teams and Conflict Management,
  • Comparative International Human Resource Management,
  • Human Resource
KSB Building Room SF 25
Associate Professor

PhD, MSc (Management and Human Resource Management - UK), BA (Soc. Sc. - Kumasi)

HOD, Human Resource and Organizational Development