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Dr. (Mrs.) Rosemary Boateng Coffie is a Senior lecturer at the Department of Human Resource and Organizational Development at KNUST where her core duties include teaching at both undergraduate and post graduate levels as well as research and supervision of student thesis at these levels. Beyond her work at the university, she is currently a Member of the Board of Directors of Asokore Mampong Rural Bank where she supports the bank with her expertise in Management, Strategic Management and Human Resource Management. She has also served as an Executive Council (Board) member of Sun Shade Foundation within the years 2012-2015 where she supported the work of the Foundation and provided mission-based leadership and strategic governances on women’s empowerment in the achievement of sustainable economic development. She is a member of the Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners Ghana (IHRM) and serves as a consultant for Education, Management & Human Resource Management for organizations as well as basic, secondary and tertiary institutions. Dr. Mrs. Coffie is a trained teacher from OLA Training College (Cape Coast) and an experienced lecturer who over the last 27 years has developed herself in the area of Management, Human Resource Management, Leadership and Management, Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility and Gender and Diversity Issues. She is trained in the United Kingdom at the University of Cambridge for International Examinations Certificate for Business Studies. She is also trained as a British Invigilator for examinations and curriculum development. She has training in taster course for Teaching in schools from the London Borough of Newnham. Dr. Mrs. Coffie has supervised t over 200 thesis of students at BBA, MBA, MSc, MPhil and CEMBA, levels who have defended their thesis and graduated successfully. She has ten publications to her credit. She is emotionally mature and has a High experience in teaching and management of institutions. She is highly articulate, confident and a persuasive team builder who is able to communicate to achieve exceptional results. She is dependable in supporting and enabling team effort to produce sustainable development in line with institutional goals. She is open minded and able to handle challenges when they emanate. Her Research interests are in the area of Management; Human Resource Management; Educational Management & Policy Issues; Employee engagement; Human Resource Planning; Human Resource development; Diversity Issues; Employee retention; Retrenchment Process in organizations; Coping after retrenchment.


Current Papers:

Boateng, K. A., Coffie, R. B., Hayford. P.  (2018) Trust in the Public Sector? On Information Security Awareness in an Audit Service. Journal of IT and Economic Development 9(1), 23-37.

Coffie, R. B., Boateng, K. A., & Asombala. R. (2018) Electronic Voucher Payment System: Toward A Leavitt Diamond Analytical Perspectives of Technological Change. Journal of Economic Development, Management, IT, Finance and Marketing, 10(1), 40-58.

Coffie, R. B., Yeboah, E. H. (2018) Does the Social and Human Capital of Retrenched Bankers Matter in their Reemployment? Journal of Human Resource Management, XXI (1), 14-27.

Coffie, R. B., Boateng, K. A.  & Coffie, F. (2018) Achieving Organizational Commitment through HRM Practices: The Ghanaian Banking Sector Experience. International Journal of Business and Management; 13, (5), 171-184.

Coffie, R. B., (2018) Ideology, Leaders and Employee Behaviour:  An integration of Transformational Leadership Theory. International Business Research, 11(7), 83-95

Research Areas

  • Planning for the Human Resources of Organizations (Outsourcing, Retention and Downsizing),
  • Organizational Development,
  • How organization can use information systems to improve their management systems,
  • Curriculum innovation in Education


Courses Taught:

Post Graduate:  

  • Management Theory and Practice
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Advance Theories in Management
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Managing Human Resources.

Under Graduate:

  • Principles of Management
  • Human Resource Development
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Teams and Conflict Management
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Contemporary Issues in Management
  • Theories in Management
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.



Ayim Complex-Room TF 26
Senior Lecturer

PhD Management, PGD Human Resource Management, M.Ed International Management, B.Ed Management