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Dr. A. S. Azinga is a full-time Lecturer in the Department of Human Resource and Organizational Development (HROD), KNUST-KSB. Dr. Azinga has enormous teaching experience at various levels of the Ghanaian Education System. He employs differentiated teaching methods, incorporating presentations and seminal approaches to address all learning styles. He has the ability to prioritise a substantial workload and works well within a team environment with responsible level of own initiative. His delight is in advising and supervising students in their research projects and other academic related activities. He holds PhD in Management Studies (KNUST), Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration-CEMBA (KNUST) and B.A (IDS) (UDS).


List of Publications

  • Mensah,H. K., and Azinga, S. A.  (2015). Challenges faced by Small and Medium-Size Enterprises in Accessing Credit Facilities from Financial Institutions: An Empirical Assessment Incorporating the Perceptions of Both Borrowers and Financiers, International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management, United Kingdom, Vol. III, Issue 11, November 2015
  • Azinga, S. A., and Mensah,H. K. (2016). A Trend Analysis of the Patronage of the E-Zwich Cashless System in Ghana for the Period 2008-2014, International Journal of Economics and Finance; vol. 8, No 5; 2016
  • Ahinful, G. S., and Azinga, S. A(2012). Savings Culture among Female Head Porters at Adum, Kumasi, Journal of African Economics and Finance, ISSN 1986-4582, Issue 4


Description of Research Interest

  • Management, Human Resource Development,
  • Human capital,
  • Social Capital and Organizations,
  • SME Development,
  • International Business

Courses Taught

  • Knowledge Management,
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management,
  • Human Resource Management,
  • Performance Management,
  • Human Resource Development,
  • Theories of organization
Ayim Complex Room TF 22
Senior Lecturer

PhD (Management Studies) - KNUST, CEMBA - KNUST, B.A (IDS) - UDS